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Goods Direct is a UK based online store dedicated to promoting top-quality handmade contemporary items. We are the home of British craft – a platform where you’ll find an extensive range of handmade artworks, wooden, leather, cowhide, and goat hide crafts that come directly from artisans.

We aim to connect the underprivileged artisans to the local and international markets by providing them with a marketplace where they can not only market their talent but also sell their unique craft in a professional way.We use our platform to bring together a vast community of talented craft makers to celebrate their flawless work and appreciate their valuable skills. Made with love, purity, and dedication, every sale from our store supports a highly talented craftsperson.

At Goods Direct, we offer handmade rugs, table runners, cushion covers, wallets, handbags, shoulder bags, bedding, pottery,

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Real leather, in 3 gorgeous colour, well proportioned and light weight and easy to carry. Seriously well-appointed rucksack for anyone looking for a top notch business-appropriate alternative to a briefcase.Designed to make travelling smooth, the reverse of the bag and the straps are padded in a quilted breathable fabric, makes the bag light to carry and comfortable against the body. The straps are fully adjustable to ensure you get the perfect and comfortable fit, while the top handle is useful to pick up and manoeuvre the bag in a tight space on the daily commute in busy mornings.

A smart decision for any business professional, traveller, daily commuter on the move.

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Goods Direct

Goods Direct was conceived and created to revive and keep alive the art of making hand-crafted artefacts and products. Celebrating the ingenuity, cultural richness, and craftsmanship of the local artisans, we help them improve their lifestyles by offering them a platform to market their creations in the International world. We take pride in being supportive of a great cause and want to become a leading name in the online handicrafts markets of the world. The key is to ensure fair trade practices and make buying selling experiences viable and convenient for both parties. Our aim is to ensure the maintenance of fair prices and help our customers get access to the best quality handicrafts without burdening their pockets. Hence we are striving to achieve economic empowerment of artisans as well as creating jobs and income generation opportunities for the community.

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